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Life Care Planning

A Life Care Plan can be used for any individual who suffers from or is facing a chronic physical, psychosocial or medical condition or an acute catastrophic event. A Life Care Plan is a document based upon published standards of practice which uses a consistent methodology to determine current and projected care and the associated costs. We begin by conducting a comprehensive medical records review, followed by an assessment of the client and family, an interview of the medical team, and finally medical and cost research. Each plan is customized to the individual using our methodology to give strength and reliability to the plan.

Life Care Plan Rebuttal

We can do a full life care plan for defense, review the plaintiff’s plan, provide a comparison plan or give a verbal rebuttal. We can be used as a consultant to give recommendations for defense.

Cost Projections

A cost projection is an abbreviated form of a Life Care Plan. A cost projection can be used when a large Life Care Plan does not make fiscal sense. When a case is not going to trial, we provide a cost analysis which will project the current and future costs, by reviewing medical records. This can provide guidance for structured settlements, data for mediation, or information for setting insurance company reserves. We can also complete a simple cost analysis of a single service to save you time.

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“Thanks for your help. We could not have produced the results we did without your hard work. I'll be sure to get other cases to you in the future.”

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“You guys are fantastic! You were even more helpful than our medical experts”

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