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About Ripple Life Care Planning

Ripple Life Care Planning was founded in 2014 by Shanna Huber. In a career spanning decades of work in skilled nursing, Shanna encountered a deep need for support care for aging patients and support systems for their families. Her heart went out to her older patients who couldn’t return home from the hospital due to lack of such support. And she empathized with the difficult struggle faced by families who had moved away, or were working full time, and just didn’t feel safe caring for aging parents. The dilemmas of navigating health care systems sometimes left the older adult at high risk, and sometimes resulted in their premature placement in a facility. It often led to “boomerang” repeated hospitalizations, due to the lack of understanding of home instructions or ongoing support. Shanna launched Ripple Life Care Planning to offer case management services that skillfully address all these needs. She assembled a team of other health professionals with a passion for helping seniors, and Ripple Life Care Planning began delivering compassionate life care management for aging adults.

Meet the Team


Shanna Huber, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, CCM, CLCP, CNLCP, Aging Life Care Manager

Shanna is the Owner and Founder of Ripple Life Care Planning. Shanna has over 22 years nursing experience in various files including: case management, cardiac, rehabilitation, trauma, pediatrics, orthopedics, senior care and school health and wellness. Shanna has many different experiences, which gives her great insight in many different circumstances. Shanna never tires of learning. Shanna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, a Master’s Degree in Nursing with an emphasis on Healthcare Education, she is a Certified Life Care Planner, Certified Nurse Life Care Planner and Certified Case Manager. Shanna has obtained an Advanced Professional status in the Aging Life Care Association. She has a passion for helping others. Shanna is a board member of CGWE Africa, a non-profit organization aimed at providing long-term solutions to support women through Dabaree. She traveled to Africa to support the mission in 2015. Shanna enjoys spending time with her husband and three teenage children during her free time.
Aging Life Care Manager

Lisa Greenlee, LPN

Lisa Greenlee has more than 23 years of nursing and case management experience including skilled nursing in advanced wound care. Her primary focus for the last nine years has been in case management, providing support and advocacy to the older adult population while focusing on improving quality of life, increasing patient outcomes and assisting those to reach and maintain their maximum physical and mental health potential. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending quality time with her family. She is co-owner of a local eco-friendly soy candle company, The Lavender Dream and maintains an art studio where she works in the fine arts, painting abstract landscapes in oils.
Head of Board of Directors

Matt Byrne

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Care Manager

Judith Paige DeWalt

Judith Paige DeWalt has been a bachelors prepared nurse for over 23 years. She has been with Ripple Life Care Planning specializing in Life Care Management since 2015! She has five children and a passion for helping others! Paige goes on a mission trip to Honduras every year and provides medical help to those in need. She funded a program to educate the children in Honduras. Paige is an asset to Ripple Life Care Planning and cares deeply for every one of her clients like they are her own family! She set up an Honor Flight for one of her clients during her own free time and coordinated a caregiver to go with him for that special day. She even brought her own family to the airport to greet her client as he came off the flight. Paige has a very caring heart and Ripple Life Care is lucky to have her.

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