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What Our Clients Say

“Their knowledge is invaluable
This company and the service it provides is well worth every penny. For us we couldn't sort out which of Mom's problems were due to the facility she was in, which were hers, and where she should go from there. I was exhausted trying to manage all the coordination, and Mom felt her children were pushing her in a direction she didn't want to go.

Through the evaluation and recommended plan, Mom felt very involved and Shanna and her team were able to convince Mom it was the right way to go. They also helped a great deal with the logistics involved, and their knowledge of facilities and systems is invaluable.

Individual families are learning everything fresh with no expertise at all. It is time-consuming, scary, and frustrating. Ripple has experience in just this type thing and I think it is well worth your while to get their expert help. Yes, it may seem a little pricey — but I assure you it is NOT as expensive as the Internet says the average company charges per hour ... and I think the time saved/knowledge gained is well worth it.

P.S. Watching the way Ripple Life Care Planning staff interact with the facilities also taught me a great deal about what is effective and what is not. And sometimes facilities are convinced it is a problem patient/family ... when in fact they just want care — and Shanna is able to organize and convey that.”

Current Client

“Lucky we found them
My father passed away about a year ago and we were suddenly responsible for my mother’s care. After a few months of attempting to sort through mountains of paperwork and attending regular doctor visits we were lucky enough to find Ripple Life Care Planning. They sent someone out to meet with my Mom for a couple hours to put together a comprehensive list of her medical conditions, medications and take a thorough assessment of her needs. Then they met with my wife, my mother and I to review a report they created. This report outlined everything, which really organized her conditions and needs. For the first time this made the task at hand seem manageable and the report included suggestions and resources we could use that we didn’t even know existed. It prepared us for the next doctor visits to be an educated participant rather than just a spectator. At the next doctor’s visit we were able to bring up some dizziness issues, digestive concerns and discuss some specific medications she was taking that in combination with other medicines might be causing some of these problems. My Mom was able to go from taking 16 medications per day to seven, and within days she was more stable, coherent and her stomach pains were significantly better. Additionally the report included other recommendations that made Mom’s quality of life better and made our responsibilities much more manageable. It has been a godsend that we found Shanna and her team of professionals. I would highly recommend their service and I only wish we would have found them sooner.”

Ray Law

“Load off my shoulders
In December of last year I was put in a situation when my lifelong neighbors found themselves in the need of assistance in continuing their aging and lifestyle in an immediate fashion. Through a family friend, I enlisted the help of a person who had experience in dealing with situations like this. It was through her, that my introduction to Ripple Life Care Planning was initiated. From the beginning Shanna and Linda (at Ripple) took an immense load off of my shoulders in the care of my neighbors. The husband was recovering from some medical issues in an assisted living facility while his wife was continuing to live on her own at their residence. I did not feel that he was being cared for in an acceptable manner, and I was not comfortable with the couple being separated. Through Ripple’s involvement we have been able to bring my neighbor home so he and his wife can live as comfortably, safely and with the proper healthcare as possible at home. Ripple has been providing quality service and managing their healthcare now for almost seven months and the Zindlers seem happy with the service. The most important thing was enabling the couple to continue to live together in their home and Shanna and Linda have made this a workable situation. Anyone considering life care planning for family members should put Ripple life Care Planning at the top of their list. Thank You!”

Andy Chabot

“Tremendous difference
Ripple Life Care Planning has made a tremendous difference in my father’s life … and in mine. Shanna is highly involved in the business and insures her staff is competent, empathetic, and responsive to our needs. Linda is my father’s nurse and skillfully manages the aides who allow my father to continue to live independently. Linda also facilitates communication with all family members and with medical personnel (doctor, dentist, podiatrist, pharmacist) to insure my father’s needs are met with his best interests at heart. Ripple Life Care has also helped us navigate difficult life transitions such as the need to let go of the car keys and the checkbook. My father enjoys his time with Shanna and Linda for they have built a fun and respectful relationship with him. Shanna, Linda, and the other Ripple Life Care staff perform a critical service for elders and their families. I truly appreciate having these wonderful professionals in our lives.”

Chris EmmonsPhD, SHRM-SCP

“No longer worry when the phone rings
Ripple Life Care Planning was able to provide detailed directions and steps regarding my father. We were able to stop the numerous hospital visits and he is better now than he has been in years. I should have contacted them long ago. I no longer have to worry when the phone rings.”

Grateful Client

“Appreciate amazing help
I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do for Alice. Without you and your agency I don’t know what would become of her. You are so knowledgeable and caring and your ability to deal not only with Alice but all that was required to get her back home was amazing.”

Power of Attorney holder for client

“Safe and sound at home
Caring for mom became a little stressful. I live a little over an hour away and my roots are too deep to pick up and move home. When I hired these guys to come in and take over they did just that! All of her doctors are in one coordinated effort and she’s safe and sound at home where she wants to be. Truly grateful for these guys.”


“Your hard work
Thanks for your help. We could not have produced the results we did without your hard work. I’ll be sure to get other cases to you in the future.”

Attorney for Client

“Outstanding asset
Thank you all so much for all the help you are providing. Your case manager has been an outstanding asset and help!”

Client's child

“My Mom
Since you’ve been working with my mom, she’s like she was 10 years ago.”

Client's daughter

“Thank you
Your services and support in dealing with difficult circumstances was very helpful.”

Client's attorney

“Delivered as promised
Did everything they said they would do. Good company. Shanna was great.”


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