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Comprehensive assessment

Our Aging Life Care Specialists assess individuals or couples in their current environment. We help identify any areas of concerns and connect the client and family with community resources for maximum support. We provide a holistic plan of care to address all current needs and overall goals.

What’s involved?

After an extensive assessment, we write up a plan of care including community resources and supports and cost of care. We meet back with the client and/or family and go over all recommendations. From that point, you have all the resources, phone numbers, and recommendations at your fingertips with a detailed roadmap on what to do. Our holistic assessment includes the following areas:
Feature Item Health Including diagnoses and status of ongoing medical care.
Feature Item Medication Including side effects and contraindications assessment.
Feature Item Function Mobility issues, level of independence.
Feature Item Cognitive Status Screening tool to assess level of cognitive functioning.
Feature Item Environment Safety Home safety evaluation.
Feature Item Psychosocial Needs Socialization and depression screening.
Feature Item Entitlement Programs Help connect resources to aid in affordability of care.
We discuss the cost of each service so you can make an informed decision. An assessment and plan with an Aging Life Care Specialist can save hours of research, frustration, and many sleepless nights worrying about how to help your family member. Be proactive! Our Aging Life Care Specialists can also put a plan in place for any situation. Do you want to plan ahead to be able to remain in your home? Having a game plan and an advocate to call for emergencies is important. When family are in disagreement, live at a distance, or an adult just wants a neutral third party involved, let us help you create a plan to ensure your wishes are carried out in any situation or health crisis.

Ongoing Care Management

When older adults and families need support on an ongoing basis, our Aging Life Care Specialist is an advocate who provides oversight, care coordination and support. We are available to our families 24/7 in case of an emergency. We can be there when family lives at a distance, work full time, or when individuals do not have family.

We help with

Feature Item Locate and oversee in-home caregivers
Feature Item Be a liaison with medical professionals
Feature Item Coordinate and attend physician visits and convey results to the family
Feature Item Visit the older adult and monitor the care they are receiving
Feature Item Communicate regularly with out of town or local family members
Feature Item Advocate for services to meet the client’s needs, and educate the older adult and family so informed decisions can be made.
Feature Item Execute the plan of care as outlined in the assessment

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