We provide guidance and support in healthcare and overall wellbeing. We maximize our clients' quality of life, dignity, and independence while achieving optimal health.

Guiding you and your loved ones through transitions in life.

When transitions happen it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You need all the support you can get during this season of life. Whether you are facing this transition alone or in your family, a little guidance can go a long way and should never come at the expense of your quality of life, dignity, or independence. You deserve to get the support and resources you need to help guide you through this process.

We can help

  • Let us be the eyes and ears of family living at a distance.
  • Able to be there when you can’t. We have the skills and experience to help pinpoint problems and the solutions.
  • Coordinate all aspects of life, from doctor’s appointments to helping determine if there are medication errors.
  • Crisis management to support those going through a traumatic event that is consuming the family
  • Advocate for the best care in all settings including: hospitals, assisted living, long-term care and home.
  • Coordinate day-to-day needs: groceries, outings, housekeeping, bill pay, and more.
  • Let our experienced Aging Life Care Specialists help you navigate the complex healthcare system, write a plan of care, and connect you with the right people and companies that will make your life and your loved one’s life easier and manageable. There are too may decisions, too little information, and resources can be hard to find.
  • Caring for loved ones can be overwhelming. Let us give you peace of mind, help you and your loved ones to ensure your loved ones are getting the BEST care.

We help with

  • Locate and oversee in-home caregivers

  • Be a liaison with medical professionals

  • Coordinate and attend physician visits and convey results to the family

  • Visit the older adult and monitor the care they are receiving

  • Communicate regularly with out of town or local family members

  • Advocate for services to meet the client’s needs, and educate the older adult and family so informed decisions can be made.

When you are overwhelmed and not sure of the resources available or what to do next….. Our Aging Life Care Specialists provide an assessment in the individual’s or couple’s current environment. We help identify any areas of concerns and connect the client and family with community resources for maximum support. WE provide a holistic plan of care to address all current and future needs so you can have clarity on steps to take!

When you or your loved ones need ongoing support, our Aging Life Care Specialist is an advocate who provides oversight, care coordination and support. We are available to our families 24/7 in case of an emergency. We can be there when family lives at a distance, work full time, or when individuals do not have family. we can execute the plan of care as outlined in the assessment to get people and services in place to provide the best care and support available.

Listen to what our clients are saying about us

“Your services and support in dealing with difficult circumstances was very helpful.”

Client's Attorney

“Thank you all so much for all the help you are providing. Your case manager has been an outstanding asset and help!”

Client's Child

“Did everything they said they would do. Good company. Shanna was great.”


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